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Entrepreneur – Millennials Are Snubbing the Corporate World for Entrepreneurship

    This article is from September 2013, but already at that time, there was an interesting insight on the relationship of Millenials and the Corporate World.

    Millenials are snubbing the Corporate World for Entrepreneurship

    “Unlike previous generations, for many millennials climbing the corporate ladders isn’t a goal they are striving to attain.

    Indeed, 60 percent are turning their backs on the traditional career path and instead, consider themselves entrepreneurs, with ideas, capital and plans for startup endeavors, according to for-profit Rasmussen College.

    Of those still at a “regular” job, 71 percent are pining to quit and work for themselves and 60 percent stated they will leave within the next two years.

    While the motivations for branching out into the world of entrepreneurship run the gamut, the No. 1 reason is freedom, followed by the ability to choose projects and unlimited income potential.”

    Is this trend still in place?

    In my experience, YES!

    People are looking for at least a side hustle to complement their salary and find financial freedom and the offering is growing.

    Multilevel marketing (or better say Network Marketing) and Online Business Opportunities are the simple ways… even if it is not an easy choice to sacrifice free time for these ventures.

    What are you willing to sacrifice today for a free tomorrow?

    This is the Infographic presented in the article:

    Millennials and Entrepreneurship

    Millennials and Entrepreneurship – Source Rasmussen College

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    Credits to Andrea Huspeni • Entrepreneur Staff.