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Beauty and Business, what is the connection?

    “It is not Beauty that endears, it’s love that makes us see beauty.”



    Love and Beauty

    The perception of what happens around us is individual. This leads to the opportunity of sharing our thoughts.

    Most likely, seeing the beauty of what we love in the right perspective, can change your life and business.

    Value what you have and move to the next level to guide you in the choices you make looking at how you perceive the world around you. This is very conceptual and not all will relate, but the exercise can be helpful.

    The Connection to Business

    Think about how you perceive your business idea, what are the positive elements:

    • What is working in your business?
    • What is the one thing that makes you different?
    • What is your role in the success of the business?
    • What can customers perceive about your message?
    • What problems your product/service solves.

    In my approach, I always value the mindset of the business owner to find the essence of the business itself.

    Most likely, if you unlock your mindset and unleash the potential will give you a different awareness of your business. You are not only the business owner, you are “The Entrepreneur”.

    In this is the beauty: “It’s A Mindset, Not A Business Model”.

    Being entrepreneurial is essentially about thinking and doing something that we have not done before, in order to achieve a desirable goal or outcome.

    It is about assessing a situation, designing alternatives, and choosing a new way — or perhaps a combination of ways — that we hope will lead us to something better; however, we happen to define “better” at that moment.

    Hopefully, we make our choices in the context of maximizing our happiness without harming others – the ethics that underlie all of our choices.

    When we think innovatively and act on that innovation, we are entrepreneurs.

    The outcome will be:

    • A better understanding of your role and the business model.
    • Molding your message around your business.
    • Solve a problem that customers have.
    • Move to the next level with your staff.