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How to Acquire the Best PR Firm

    What if you could engage the very best, most knowledgeable, experienced marketing PR firm that would:

    • Work for your business day in and day out?
    • Every place they went, they would promote YOU first.
    • They’d also be the most economical PR firm around.
    • And, you don’t need to research and interview multiple PR firms to locate and engage this firm.
    • In addition, you’ll be following the exact top PR strategy of some of the most recognizable brands.

    Quite a find?

    The answer is right under your nose. That best PR firm is YOU, promoting yourself. In other words, we’re talking about shameless self-promotion.

    We see this strategy of shameless self-promotion in highly recognized brands from Paris Hilton to Madonna, Donald Trump, Howard Stern, Bill Clinton and any successful politician we can name.

    YOU just may be your best PR firm.

    Nobody can promote yourself, your brand, your business as effectively as YOU.

    You’re the instant expert at promoting yourself. Nobody can or will promote yourself better than you will. And self-promotion comes to everyone naturally, until we begin to tell ourselves that it is somehow wrong. Did you raise your hand in class to show the teacher you knew the answer? Of course! That’s natural self-promotion. The best PR firms take simply go about raising their hands for you.

    The Best PR Firm Art of Effective Self-Promotion

    Self-promotion can either help or damage your reputation. Damaging self-promotion jumps in at every point, pushing others aside, self-absorbed, uninformed, with absolutely no concern for the audience.

    On the other hand, positive, best PR firm self-promotion follows a well thought out strategy and comes across with dignity, class, knowledge and awareness of the audience.

    Three Common Traits of the Most Effective Self-Promoters

    Here are the three major traits the most effective self-promoters have and use to build themselves and their businesses. The best PR firm would follow elements of this very same strategy.

    1. Position Yourself to Promote YOU

    The first is “position”. You need to position yourself around people who can make a difference in your life. You need to do this frequently. You need to wake up every morning and ask yourself “Who can I meet today who will make a difference in my success?”

    In fact, go a step further, write it in big, bold letters and tape it on your bathroom mirror.

    Who can help me meet my goals?

    Is it a prospective customer/client? A colleague with contacts? An association with key members who may become prospects?

    Don’t settle into interacting with the people who are the easiest to access. You need to reach outside your comfort zone and there you will find a wealth of new connections that will bring you great success. This is what a best PR firm does. Why not do it for yourself?

    2. Promote Yourself with Style

    Let’s talk about Style. No, this doesn’t mean you need an Armani suit to bring in more business (though let’s be honest – it wouldn’t hurt).

    What this really means is how are you different from your competitors and others in your industry. What makes you memorable with customers?

    If you are meeting a lot of people and they don’t remember you once you leave the room, you have a serious problem! This means you have an opportunity to present yourself in a more memorable way.

    There are lots of little subtle changes you can make.

    Reassess your:

    • Personal image.
    • Business cards.
    • Company message.
    • Your picture.
    • Your wording.

    Maybe even, your hairstyle (of course, now we’re back to the expensive suit, but it really works!). You get the idea.

    There are lots of little ways you can work on making your image and business more successful. Also, consider how you sound on the phone and how you greet people at meetings or other events.

    Update your 30-sec elevator speech.

    The best PR firm will work with you on your style, but you can cover a lot of ground making changes yourself.

    3. Promote Your Repetition

    The third trait of natural promoters is repetition. You can’t say it once and leave it at that. SThe best PR firms and successful self-promoters say it as many times as they need until they get a response.

    Would you remember a commercial for Coca-Cola if you only saw it once, no! You see it over and over and eventually, you head out to the store.

    You have to make multiple impressions to people in your market audience in order to build brand awareness. Repetition is in direct connection with positioning. Continue to grow your audience through networking and advertising making repeated touches with your market audience.

    So, in conclusion, you may be your very best PR firm. Promote yourself by positioning yourself with the influencers and decision-makers who can bring you new business, promote yourself by creating a unique, memorable style with repeated exposure to your market audience.

    Would you like help designing a self-promotion PR strategy unique to your business? Let’s talk. In 15 minutes we can discover at least 1 new effective strategy that will create greater positive exposure for you and help lead to new business opportunity.

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